330 864-1935

Our History

Dr Bob

September 20

Robert H Smith Born

Robert H Smith born in the town of St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
September 20

Anne Ripley Born

Anne was born in Oak Park, Illinois, and could be considered  the first mother of AA
September 20

Where They Met

Dr Bob met Ann at a dance while a senior at St. Johnsbury.
January 6

855 Ardmore Ave Built

January 25

Anne and Bob Wed

Mrs Joseph Ripley will give in marriage her daughter Anne Robinson to Dr Robert Holbrook Smith on the evenign of Monday the twenty fifth of January
February 15

Sue Born

Sue was born Feb 15, 1918, and Adopted by the Smiths at 5 years old.
June 5

Robert “Smitty” Smith II

Dr. bob had a son nicknamed Smitty
June 10

AA Begins

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism
June 1

Anne Smith Dies

July 29

Dr Bob’s final Talk

In this same year of 1950, A.A. held its first International Convention at Cleveland.  Dr. Bob made his last public appearance and keyed his final talk to the need of keeping A.A. simple
November 16

Dr Bob Dies

October 7

855 Ardmore Purchased

In October of 1984, Dr. Bob’s home was officially incorporated as a non-profit corporation. A variance on the property was made by the City of Akron so that the property could be designated a “museum”.
October 21

House Opened

In October of 1985, Dr. Bob’s home was named a State Historical Site by Governor Richard Celeste, and through the good offices of U.S. Congressman John Seiberling, Henrietta Seiberling’s son, Dr. Bob’s home was declared a National Historical Landmark.